Hartos de Arte (HDA) is a group of friends that hang up together to paint graffiti and make artistic projects. Their name, Hartos de Arte has a double meaning; an intent to critisize art and gallery world, but at the same time saying that graffiti may or may not be considered as art.

Style and group evolution has been influenced by the popularly known as Barcelona style, by its freshness, by the union of all Barcelona and surroundings graffiti writers, by the freedom that could be felt in Barcelona (before the anti-graffiti law), by artistic and architectonic past of the city, by the sea… Currently, HAD style is being exported all over Europe, with new members in France and Belguim, and through the group travels as well.

HAD works on every surface to express with all kinds of paint their particular universe.

Group’s main motivation is to have fun, and their common links is graffiti. Paint in the streets, create murals, to travel, partying… all this keeps HDA’s spirit alive.

Last HDA projects invlude an Argentina/Chile tour (2010) and an installation in Madrid (2011).



Will paint at: Safa