KOGNITIF is a platform for creators and professionals working on generate contents in public space through cultural, social and artistic projects. The use of art and culture as a vehicle of social transformation is one of the main objectives of the platform. Sara Compte and Arcadi Poch are ideologues, creators of the project.

Kognitif raises an agile and flexible structure, and keeps us independent and yet unites us: we receive feedback from each other to be more effective, to provide a broader vision inspired by the exchange of knowledge.

Our culture is the synergies: 1: Joint Action of various organs in the realization of a function. 2: increasing the action of various substances because they act together. 3: Coordination of economic activities whose performance is higher than conducted by separately: progress requires large markets, synergies and economies of scale.

We believe in individuals, responsible companies, institutions engaged in critical and creative artists in the entities in favor of others, believe in the union of all.