aqui pots slide

Graffiti is a consolidated phenomena, but also of great concern to the citizenry, who lives this as an act of vandalism that dirties the public and private spaces of the city. Aqui pots! is a project of the City of Terrassa which began in 2007 to have spaces in the city for graffiti-free carrying. Their goal is not easy, finding the necessary balance between civic life of the people and the right of each individual to speak freely. Subsequently there have been other initiatives: the organization of an exhibition of graffiti within the festival of the city, the Terrassa Esprai Jam, permanent graffiti artistic creation, and now through BaumannLab – Young Creation Laboratory, has opened up a scholarship aimed at young graffiti artists to develop to maintain a dialogue with the association of a territory. These initiatives aim to bring both parties, the collective of graffiti artists and the public in order to bring together the two realities and share the needs, interests and mutual concerns.