ana manaia slide

Anthropologist and Cultural Manager (Coimbra 1978) she is part of the team at Espai Jove Boca Nord (Barcelona). From that specific youth facility, she developed the project Creation and Periphery, which is dedicated to designing cultural action projects in the borough of Carmel, combining two key concepts nowadays: Art in Public Space and Territory, using a multidisciplinary approach (from visual arts, audiovisual, upgrade to new technologies, and urban art) and building tangencies between creativity, public spaces and identities.

BocaGraff youth initiative aimed at consolidating the urban art and graffiti as an artistic practice through three levels: use of graffiti through workshops for teenagers as a vehicle for social cohesion and education, sample activities and dissemination of artists and cultural activities related to Urban Art, with the objectives of cultural growth assessment and local support network work from institutions and associations, as a stimulus to the growth of its protagonists, facility, neighborhood and the city itself.