Born and resident in Seville Ana Langeheldt (Lahe) captures since she remembers her parallel world in drawings and paintings. Is taking her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Seville when she has her first contact with the world of graffiti and urban art. Winner of several awards for painting and graffiti for several consecutive years (since 2001), has participated in various exhibitions and related events such as Urban Art (Canary Islands and Seville), Cultura Urbana (Madrid), Poliniza (Valencia), Banana Rock (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) Young Artists Biennale of Mediterranean (Bari, Italy) among others. You can also find her works in various publications such as Graffiti women, Alergia, Urban Art, Hermanos de la Ley .. as well as other works for Editorial Anaya, Cava Freixenet or Dyc Whisky.

She currently combines her paintings and illustrations with artwork and designs for Push Collection, an independent clothing brand, with collaborations since 2006 together with two other street artists, as well as assists in the online magazine and portal 0034gallery.

Will paint at: Martinenc