thomas schmitt slide

Thomas Louis Jacques Schmitt (aka Thom Thom) is a urban artivist active in Paris since 2000. Using the situationist technics (especially détournement) he hijacks advertiding billboard, jamming the consumerism slogans with only a stanley knife and sometimes a little glue. After his encounter with Jean Faucheur, they have founded the parisian based association le MUR (the Wall) that has showcased more than 100 urban artists since 2007. The construction of such a “situation” – reclaiming a space invaded by advertising to transform it to some kind of a outdoor gallery – has been described in a book he wrote with Jean Faucheur. Thom Thom has done his very first solo show in 2010. He is a member along with subversiv net-artist Systaime, mediactivist Xavier Faltot and undergrounder Thierry Theolier of the internationale échantillonniste, a multidisciplinary avant-garde network. Thomas Schmitt is also an historian of the culture industry and an expert of the video music.